What is your Blog Writing Process

Do You Have a Blog Writing Process?


Steal mine and start rocking your blog right now…

Hey there HNH Community!

I’m Krista Goncalves, Holistic Nutritionist turned Wellness Business Clarity Coach & Copywriter.

I have a question for you…

Don’t you think blogs, especially health-focused ones are becoming a bit of a snore-fest lately? I personally think many of them have gotten quite stale – both from a blog writer’s POV, as well as from that of a normally voracious consumer of blog content!

Blogging…*ugh*, right?

Consistently coming up with fresh content that not only interests and engages your audience, but converts readers into paying clients and customers? [insert *sound* of pulling out one’s hair]

Love it or hate it, blogging is as essential to marketing a business as coconut oil is to coffee — and, if you haven’t adopted the practice yet (blogging, that is), you may find yourself being quickly overshadowed by your fellow health bloggers and wellness business owners.

It all starts with getting a solid, consistent blogging system in place.

If you don’t have a blog mapping process for your business yet (or don’t know what the heck I mean by this) – you’re in luck, because I’m going to strongly encourage you to steal mine right out of this post, and start rocking your own blog!

And yes my health-focused friend, you DO need a blog for your biz.

Ok, here’s the exact “mapping” process that I use each and every time I create blog content over on my wellness business website: Making Lemonade with Krista Goncalves.

“For creative work you want to do consistently, like blog posts or podcast episodes, it’s a lifesaver to have a familiar, repeatable process that you use every time.”
~ CopyBlogger.com

Let me be clear though – this isn’t going to be a “how-to” article for writing and structuring your blog posts.

However, if you do want a detailed guide about “How to Write & Structure Your Blog Post” – grab yo’ FREE GUIDE here.

Ok, let’s say you’ve nailed down your topic, started structuring your post and gotten down ‘n dirty with writing that bad boy — or you outsourced it, and that’s just fine too.

As I always tell my clients: not every business task is going to be in your zone of genius. Focus on what is, and forget – or better yet, outsource the rest!

Looks like you’ve got yourself a sweet blog post! Now what?!


Blog Mapping: Post → Publish → Promotion

Think of the process that I’m going to outline for you to be similar to “mind mapping”, which you may be familiar with – more like brain dumping for me!

Mind Mapping In Progress


A mind map is basically a visual representation of organizing and noting things down in such a way that the brain finds it more appealing, easy to assimilate, and undoubtedly easier to keep track of – it’s like Evernote for your brain!

Consider using this process to clarify all of the following parameters, using a separate “map” for each section.

BTW, I include all of the below points mapped out in detail in the free guide – you can grab it HERE


Map out your post content:

  • Understand your audience – what problem(s) do they need solving?
  • Start with a topic and working title
  • Write an intro, and make it enticing
  • Organize your content – good blog posts are not just blocks of text! Use subheadings & lists (bullets)
  • Now write!
  • Edit & proofread your post, and fix your formatting – make it pretty and easy to read
  • Insert a Call-to-Action (CTA) at the end of the post – direct your readers to do something
  • Optimize for on-page SEO – see “keywords & meta tags”
  • Refine your working title – give it some juice! Make it publish-ready.

Map out your post particulars:

  • Post Title – final?
  • Post Type – is it a “how to” post, “a listicle”, a “round up”, etc.
  • Keywords & Meta Tags – SEO optimization
  • Main Talking Points – try to choose up to 5
  • In-post Images – are they on-brand & optimized? Pin graphic included? (see below)
  • Was anyone referenced? Contact them?
  • CTA &/or Content Upgrade – links & graphics
  • Internal Links & Anchor Text – links back to your own content
  • External Links – credits, references?

Map out promotion of your post:

  • Publish Date – scheduled/actual
  • Email Date – date to send blog promo to subscribers
  • Live URL – published URL/permalink
  • Shortened URL – Bit.ly or similar
  • “Go Live” Date – Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and/or Youtube
  • 3-5 Tweets, including key relevant hashtags; suggested to schedule out in social media scheduling app
  • 3-5 Facebook updates; suggested to schedule out in social media scheduling app
  • Pinterest – create 2-3 “pinnable” graphics; main one (with post title) is used in the actual post + 1-2 additional ones as follow-up pins
  • Instagram – multiple posts pointing back to blog; are you using Link.Tree?

Map out repurposed post content:

Obviously, everyone’s blog writing and promotional process looks a little bit different, and it definitely takes time to figure out what works best for you and your business. Heck, it took me 2 years to get mine in place!

However, my intention with offering you this system is that I hope it helps make blogging a little less frustrating for you. This will hopefully allow you to be a lot more consistent in producing blog content, and who knows – maybe even have a little fun with it!

Last chance to grab your FREE guide!

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Krista Goncalves (GUN-SOLVES!) is a Holistic Nutritionist turned Wellness Business Clarity Coach & Copywriter who lives in Kelowna BC with her husband and two young kids. While Krista enjoyed her combined 10 years as a Fitness Trainer/Bootcamp company owner & Women’s Health Expert, she’s now incredibly passionate about helping other busy Health & Wellness Experts to “juice up” their online businesses with her web content writing services and coaching resources at Making Lemonade with Krista Goncalves. When she’s not writing, you can likely catch her outdoors hiking, paddleboarding or doing bootcamp in the park or on a beach!