Join us as we chat with Julie Rolston Website Designer and owner of Jules Design. In this episode, we touch on many of the best tools and resources you can use to run your business smoothly. We also cover the top 10 sections that every website sales page should have. If you are just starting out and want to learn how to sell your services & products in the most effective way, this podcast is for you!


  • 0:00 – Meet Julie and learn what she does at Jules & Co.
  • 13:00 How to shift your 1:1 Service to a 1: many services
  • 16:20 What 3 things (and SO much more) should you outsource when launching
  • 19:40 Process of working with a designer
  • 21:30 How long should it take to create and launch a signature program with a designer
  • 24:45 Get your Client’s tp Know, Like, Trust You
  • 27:00 What should be included on your sales page?
  • 43:00 Top 5 pages your nutrition website business should have
  • 46:00 Which website platform should you start your site on
  • 49:00 One final tip from Julie

To find out more about Julie and her work visit: https://julesdesign.co/

Enjoy the show!

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Sean is the co-founder of the Hub, a dedicated Personal Trainer and an Entrepreneur at heart. Passionate about all thing nutrition and fitness, he takes care of the HNH website, the community, and most of the laundry around the house. In his spare time, Sean loves building websites and writing about all things fitness, business, and marketing.

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