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Ryan is a nutrition coach based in Vancouver, Canada. He specializes in resolving poor nutrition & lifestyle habits to help clients get the most out of their workouts.

Ryan’s favourite topics are sustainable habit integration, the psychology of change as well as our current nutritional environment.

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Covered: The psychology of nutrition, student case studies, programming vs coaching, self care, referring out, holistic nutrition education, two vancouver-grown coaches, coaching clients suffering from obesity, regaining weight, suffering from failures, failing with clients, the meaning of health, clients’ excuses, individual responsibility, creating buy-in, client mindset, limiting beliefs, regretting past decision, precision nutrition, gardening, mindfulness, who you want to work with, why coach, changing lives, energy to give, fear of judgement, self reflection, coaching habits, baring witness, pushing clients away, goal setting, 

0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Disordered eating in nutritionists
2:55 – Client awareness and self awareness
7:10 – An evolving coaching focus
8:51 – Failing with clients (CLIP)
14:08 – The gap between consulting and coaching
20:02 – Coaching challenges (CLIP)
27:46 – Defining health
30:32 – What do you want?
38:00 – Adressing human nature
46:01 – Becoming a nutrition coach
52:30 – Niching down to one specific population
58:44 – Changing Behaviours
1:03:30 – What kind of coach should you be?
1:09:11 – Instagram 
1:15:51 – Nutritionists are not perfect
1:18:34 – What book Ryan is reading
1:24:00 – Becoming a shaman

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Sean is the co-founder of the Hub, a dedicated Personal Trainer and an Entrepreneur at heart. Passionate about all thing nutrition and fitness, he takes care of the HNH website, the community, and most of the laundry around the house. In his spare time, Sean loves building websites and writing about all things fitness, business, and marketing.

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