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Will Janssens is a coach, an educateur and the author of multiple fitness related books.

“Immersed in the world of sport from an early age, I played a whole range of sports – especially badminton (for 15 years) up to the national level.
I also participated in Musclemania in Paris in 2014 in the model category, then in the Swiss athletic strength championships in 2015 (DC 110 kg / S 180 / SdT 220).
I started my academic studies with a Bachelor in Sports Sciences, then continued my studies in England where I obtained a postgraduate degree in Social Sciences in Sport at the University of Bath.
Back in Switzerland, I finished a master’s degree in training and performance – where I joined a research team from the department of physiology in Lausanne to complete my thesis (over a year and a half).
On the professional plan :
– Coach first and foremost (mainly online). I am people with varied profiles.
– Co-founder of Beyond Fitness, a highly customizable online coaching service
– Co-founder of the Ambroisie project, a service offering concrete solutions to health problems.
– Lecturer and trainer between Switzerland, France & Belgium for different training schools (Eficiencia, Fitspro) and sports halls.
– Author of the books “Les Secrets de la Sèche” and “The Secrets of Muscle Gaining”, written with Christophe Bonnefont and of the book “Les lies du Fitness” written with Tristan Defeuillet-Vang “

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0:00 – Intro
0:32 – Start
1:34 – Will’s background
6:35 – A holistic lifestyle approach
12:02 – Soil quality 
20:32 – Quality proteins
25:02 CUT
36:32 – Ethical tradeoffs 
48:47 – Coaching clients online 
1:07:32 – Tracking body temperature
1:21:02 – Where can we find out more about your work

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