Alisa Herreman

In this episode, Lynne Faires, RHN, and Alisa Herriman, RNCP ROHP CHCP discuss how to build a successful & stable career within the Holistic Nutrition Industry.

Alisa Herriman has been researching and teaching nutrition for 15+ years. She specializes in Nutrition for Cancer recovery and prevention. This mom of 4 is passionate about teaching others the power of whole food nutrition and its role in disease prevention. Alisa’s aim is to motivate and empower individuals to make healthy choices through understanding how diet and lifestyle affect the physical body, as well as mental health. Alisa lectures across Canada doing more than 50 lectures a year and teaches at an Ontario based Nutrition College.

Alisa was nominated for Best Nutritionist 2018 by National Nutrition and was the recipient of this award. Again in 2019 Alisa was nominated and won Best Nutritionist in Canada! Alisa is a passionate educator who believes that when we all grow, we all become better, and as a result, the industry improves. Alisa has also taught the Business of Wellness Consulting Course and Certified Cancer Practitioner course at Edison Institute of Nutrition, an internationally recognized Nutrition College. Alisa has the knowledge and skills to help you navigate the wellness industry and create a game plan for success!

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Enjoy the show!

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