Automatically Share Your Nutrition Posts on Twitter

Let’s face it:

Instagram is THE PLACE to showcase your skills as a Nutritionist.

From giving out tasty recipes to posting your health tips, Instagram is the perfect platform that blends art and information to help you reach your target audience.

And while Facebook makes it easy for your to share your posts with your followers, the same can’t be said about Twitter.

In this short guide, I’ll show you how to display your Instagram pictures on Twitter to increase the reach of your nutrition business.

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When you click the “share to Twitter” button within the Instagram app, your picture doesn’t actually appear to your followers on Twitter.

Instead, all they see is your caption (or 140 characters of it) and an Instagram link that they have to click if they want to see the picture.

Unfortunately, people don’t like switching platforms so you might be losing an opportunity to showcase your skills to your Twitter followers.

Thankfully, there’s an easy (and free) way to post your Instagram pictures directly on Twitter and make them visible for everyone to see. You’ll need to use an IFTTT “Applet” (previously called “recipe”) to get the job done.

Once you’re setup, your Instagram photos will automatically appear on Twitter as full images rather than links!

Learn how to display your @Instagram pictures on Twitter in 3 easy steps! Click To Tweet

How to set up IFTTT to post your Instagram pictures as Twitter Photos


Step 1: Create an account (or login) at

Step 2: Use the Search button to find the Applet “Tweet your Instagrams as native as native photos on Twitter”


Step 3: Link your Twitter and Instagram accounts to IFTTT

That’s it! Next time you post a photo on Instagram, make sure that the “share to Twitter” option in the app is unchecked because IFTTT will be tweeting it automatically for you. Now your Twitter followers can enjoy your Instagram nutrition pictures without having to switch platform at all. This will give you more exposure and increases your chances to get more people interested on both platforms!

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Pro tip: If you’d rather not have ALL your posts go directly to Twitter, you can choose which ones to share (as native pictures) with the Applet “Post your Instagram Photos as native Twitter photos when #twitter is in the caption” instead.

Applet to choose

Question: What strategies do YOU use to increase the reach of your Instagram posts? Share your tip in the comments below!



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