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Consulting challenges, Getting on the news, Staying positive, Supporting families, Be willing to learn, What are you learning about right now?, Knowing yourself to better help your clients, Building an App

My name is Juliana, I am 39 years young and mother of 3 boys (one on his way – due in Feb,2021). I am a Certified Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist specialized in Women’s and Children Nutrition. My passion about nutrition was born together with my first son – 10 years ago, when I realised that feeding a baby was not as simple as it looks and the process into motherhood takes different time from mother to mother – and from child to child. I also understood that a successful journey of mothering should start even before, when conceiving and growing your baby inside your uterus. For this reason, I started working – back home in Brazil – developing easy and functional strategies to support mothers through this process. My passion was so deep that it became a book published in 2015, where I talk about overcoming challenges on breastfeeding, a young baby with food allergies until healthy and vegan recipes for babies through a holistic solid food introduction. Since I moved to Canada – Winnipeg, MB in 2016, I knew that I would like to bring my expertise to Canadians so my first step would be becoming a Certified professional and studying deeply its culture and lifestyle, enabling me to connect with Canadian mothers. I’ve started practicing in 2019 in a Naturopathic/Homeopathic Clinic then I migrated to an Acupuncture Clinic where I see patients trying to conceive, struggling with fertility, expecting moms and young mothers that are struggling with postpartum, baby feeding, allergies and others issues food related. During this almost 2 years exploring the Wellness market and facing the common struggles of my patients I realized that there was an opportunity to expand my influence by creating an app, that could connect woman living the same time of their lives with other woman and holistic services and products that could support their journey in a natural and alternative way. My app will be FREE for downloading and will offer generous doses of understanding, sympathy, concrete advice and resources for women in different stages of motherhood, assurance that they are not alone. Everything MADE SIMPLE – as I named my app and my business.

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