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In this week’s episode, Lynne interviews Ashley Ward and Rosy Atwal from Maple Organics about starting a profitable product business.

Ashley Ward

Ashley has spent almost two decades coaching, managing, and implementing systems to solve business problems and support growth in small and mid-sized businesses throughout North America. Over the course of her career, she has seen far too many women struggle to maintain a full and rewarding home life alongside a challenging and interesting career. As a result she Co-Founded Maple Organics with Rosy Atwal to remove barriers and provide opportunities for women to create lives that fulfill their potential in every sphere while making families healthier in the process.

Rosy Atwal
A successful marketing executive, Rosy has moved across the country, bought new homes, delayed growing her family, all in an attempt to make it all ‘work’. Equipped with her MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business and experience as a Marketing and Branding Director for lifestyle, nutrition, and CPG corporations for two decades, she worked with Ashley to develop an avenue for women like her in Maple Organics where they could provide cleaner, safer personal care products that people would love to use.

Maple Organics
Maple Organics is proud to be Canada’s first Organic Pharmaceutical Company, Co-Founded by two Canadian Moms in 2017. Organic. Pure. Clean. Maple Organics believes in the importance of nurturing. Using organic ingredients you can rest assured that you are nurturing yourself, your family and the environment every time you indulge in their products. Their Mission is to make families healthier through our organic, pure and clean products and creating career opportunities for women.

In this interview, Lynne, Ashley & Rosy discuss the following topics:
  • Ashley & Rosy’s background before starting Maple Organics
  • What it takes to produce a Health Canada & USDA Certified product
  • The distinction between the terms “Organic”, “Natural”, “Conventional”, etc.. when referring to health products.
  •  How combining different compounds can produce a more beneficial effect
  • The difference between European Cosmetic Regulations and the North American standards
  • and much more…

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes

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