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I help holistic nutrition students & graduates get started and succeed in the world of entrepreneurship!

Lynne Faires, RHN
Co-Founder & Creator of HNH

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The Hub really started out at a place where I could help practitioners simplify their practice with online forms and connect with other like-minded professionals. However, while I was instructing for the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I got asked SO many business questions and this carried over into so much of the work we did at HNH!

We have put out online assessments, loads of free resources, podcasts, comments on groups to help folks out. However, there is still the sad fact that only about 5% of graduates will go on and start their own businesses! This breaks my heart to hear because it doesn’t have to be that way!

I have figured out that the reason for this is multifaceted and could be one or many of the following issues:

You don’t feel ready
Life got in the way
The overwhelm of where to start is deafening
You have imposter syndrome
$5000 on a coaching program isn’t feasible
The right guide & mentor hasn’t got your FIRE going!


I recently had a coaching call with Lynne, and was so happy to have reached out to her. She took the time to answer all of my business related questions, she freely shared her knowledge and expertise, and also explored new ideas with me. I felt super supported by her. You can tell that she is passionate about lifting up other nutritionists, and that she genuinely wants to see every nutritionist succeed and thrive. Thank you Lynne for your continued guidance and support!
Julie Howe

Julie Howe

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

I just completed the Business Foundations Course, and it was exactly what I needed to gain confidence and know that I could truly start up and run my own nutrition consulting business. This course lays it all out for you step by step in a way that is very easy to understand and implement. Lynne not only provides you with a wealth of knowledge and all the resources you need, but she also goes that extra mile for each and every one of her clients on the live video coaching calls. Whenever Lynne was asked a question by a client (specific to his/her own business venture) during those calls, she would take the time to research it and get back to that individual with a detailed answer to his/her specific question. Lynne is a genuine person who truly cares about her clients, so you will not be disappointed investing in this course. The knowledge and connections you will gain are priceless!
Faith Norton

Faith Norton

Certified Nutrition Practitioner

Thankful for the Business Fundamentals with Lynne who coached us through this 5-week course. Prior to starting this course, I felt stuck in some areas, a bit overwhelmed, and eager to get things going. With the help of Lynne, I gained a better understanding of how to properly set up a business, legalities, payment processing, and accounting systems. I found the group coaching sessions to be most valuable as we could troubleshoot together and learn from one other. Lynne comes across very genuine and truly wants to see you succeed. I appreciate how she took the extra time to check in with us individually as well and to see where we needed help. I felt this course helped me put some missing pieces together and gave me a better business sense. If you are just starting out, feeling stuck or needing accountability, I recommend taking this course to further your business knowledge.
Nicole Barnes

Nicole Barnes

Certified Nutrition Practitioner

This is where I come in!

My goal as a mentor is to share and guide you through the mindset, goal setting, foundations and beyond to help you create your dream nutrition practice. By doing this I also get to sleep at night knowing that all of YOU who hold this brilliant knowledge in health are going to go on and KICK BUTT in the world and share it with even more people than I could possibly ever by myself!

I won’t lie (In fact, I am maybe too honest!) - Being in business takes guts and hard work. It can be overwhelming to begin with but with the right person to guide you through the trenches, anything is possible!

Take the plunge

My Mentorship Program


In the unique mentorship program that I am starting on October 21, 2020 I am giving you the chance to work with me so you can take a deep-dive into the foundations of your business & feel secure stepping into the world of entrepreneurship!

Now I said unique above, Why?

Well because I’ve set it up as a combo workshop/mastermind session with me and your peer group. In our 4, 1.5 hour workshops, I will be touching on the following topics:

Week 1 - Entrepreneurship Mindset & Goal setting

Week 2 - Basics of business: Niche, Client Avatar, Structure

Week 3 - Best ways to get started & What is absolutely needed

Week 4 - Learn A Consulting Process that Actually works!

At the end of the workshop portion of each session, I am leaving ample time to answer any of the questions regarding each topic and ANY of the unanswered questions you might have about business to help you get through the week’s homework!

On top of the time spent with me as the instructor, we are including the following as BONUSES:


What is Included:


HNH Business Foundations Course - ($249 value)

HNH Meal Planning Course - ($39 value)

4 x 1.5 hour workshop/mastermind - ($349 value)

Discount Code to HNH Platform - ($100)

+ Weekly homework, Accountability & Workbook

Valued at over $700