Jenna Kelland

Jenna Kelland

Credentials CHNC

Specialty mental health, brain health, women and children

Company Spark Wellness


Bio Jenna Kelland is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant™ and an adult educator with a PhD in education. Her interest in nutrition comes from her experience with her own health issues and helping her children to feel better through food choices. Through Spark Wellness, she provides information and support to clients in meeting their individual health and wellness goals through personalized gradual and sustainable changes in diet and lifestyle. As a mom of three, Jenna is particularly interested in working with women to help them create balance and energy in their lives through health food choices because she believes these changes can help entire families. She also works with adults and children to identify and address food sensitivities. Jenna believes that eating whole (unprocessed), locally sourced, organic food can help people feel better, lose weight and have more energy – and that making changes to improve what you eat can be easy, fun and delicious.