Find out more about the Holistic Nutrition Practitioners in the Calgary area that grow and empower this community! You can view their profiles and contact information below.

Holistic Nutrition Practitioners Calgary

Randall Heilik, CHNC
Healthy Firsts
Randall is a graduate from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, receiving a CHNC (Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant) designation. She is also a Nutrigenomic Consultant, where she uses DNA analysis to offer safer and more targeted nutritional support. She specifically specializes in early life nutrition which encompasses pre-conception, pregnancy, infancy through toddlerhood, and the early years.
Regan Gray, CHNC
Nourished by Regan
She is an entrepreneur on a mission to encourage others to live a really nourished life inside and out. She mostly writes about self-care strategies, crafting elixirs with medicinal mushrooms, and safer beauty. When she is not working with clients or hosting workshops, she is advocating for safer health protective laws within the beauty industry with her fellow Better Beauty Advocates.


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