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5 Pages Every Nutrition Business Website Needs To Have

Best Nutrition Programs/Certifications

A Holistic Nutrition Certification will not make you successful. Getting certified is merely the beginning of your journey as a holistic nutrition practitioner. After you get your certificate in holistic nutrition, you will need to work hard and stay dedicated to your craft if you want to become a successful holistic nutritionist.

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HNH Podcast Landscape Title 11

H.N.H Podcast

Join Lynne & Sean as they speak with industry experts on all things Holistic Nutrition - Everything from business, coaching, mindset, science, to what it is really like to be out there helping others!

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Body-Mind-Spirit Guide

Be inspired by our most requested resource guide! The Body, Mind & Spirit Guide will give you a small sample of what can be taught to your clients working as a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner. This is also the perfect tool to go along with our online Body-Mind-Spirit Assessment.

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Free Resources

Looking for answers about starting your business and aren't sure of the HOW, WHEN, WHY, .. you know the rest... Check out this 8-Part Nutrition Business Webinar Series with valuable worksheets to help you build your ideal business!

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Meal Planning Course

This course will walk you through all the important steps that are crucial to effective meal planning for your clients. This will help you reduce the time you spend working on a client's plan and help you solve common mistakes made during this process.

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Amazing Jobs For New Holistic Nutrition Graduates

8 Amazing Jobs For Holistic Nutrition Professionals

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 8 Holistic Nutrition Practitioner Jobs you might want to consider as a new practitioner… We want to show you that there are more opportunities available than just offering one-to-one consulting!

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If you are looking for a simple course to start learning online, take a look at the Natural Nutrition Coach® (NNC) Certificate program. This online program was created by 3 Holistic Nutrition Professionals who wanted to make Natural Nutrition more accessible & it covers all the information you need to get started in the nutrition industry. That includes all your nutrition business essentials, how to effectively coach your nutrition clients, DFY handouts and templates, and much more.

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Lynne Faires, RHN

Co-founder of Holistic Nutrition Hub

"When I started practicing as a Holistic Nutritionist, I was really frustrated by the lack of support and tools available to me. Paper questionnaires were too complicated for my clients and I was wasting a lot of time creating meal plans and recipes on word documents.

I decided to create the Hub to help other nutritionists and provide them the support, the resources, and the tools that I wish I had when I started."




"You can trust this site and the tools they have created for us!"

"Holistic Nutrition Hub is providing what a Nutritionist really WANT's but might not know how to create. Most of us who provide nutrition services enjoy talking about whole foods and supplements or creating recipes. But when it comes to the online, technical part it can get really confusing and frustrating. You can trust this site and the tools they have created for us! The online consulting forms are so cool, and the resources are really helpful. It's nice to have a connection of people who understand what you need to run your business."

Regan Gray, Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner


Find A Qualified Nutrition Practitioner Near You

The Holistic Nutrition Hub Directory identifies the practitioners who are dedicated to providing their clients with the best nutrition services and consulting available. Use our listings to find a local nutrition practitioner to help you reach your goals and remain healthy!

Our Featured Practitioners

Monica Kennie, NNCP
Nourish by Nature
Monica is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist based near London, ON. Monica specializes in digestion, allergy testing, and women's health. She helps to bring balance back to the physical and emotional body so healing from chronic issues can begin. Monica uses healing whole foods, herbs, supplements and flower essences to support this healing process.
Toby Rae, RHN
Toby Rae Holistic Nutrition
Toby Rae is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Yogi, Nature Lover and Fermentation Nerd. She is passionate about healing from the inside out with whole, nutritious foods and providing her clients the skills and tools to be their most vibrant, healthy selves.
Milka Milicevic, RHN
Holistic Milka
Milka is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist based in Toronto who loves teaching her clients how to cultivate healthy eating habits and gain a greater respect for food, while also helping them discover the joy of cooking and eating well. Milka believes we can make mealtime a mini celebration every day!
Maddie Elise, RHN
Maddie Elise Nutrition
Maddie is a holistic nutritionist, specializing in women’s hormonal wellness; she is committed to empowering women to be the creators of their own health. Her program’s and coaching combine scientific nutrition practices, intuitive holistic personal growth strategies, and energy awareness to give women the tools they need to thrive.


"I recently had a coaching call with Lynne and was so happy to have reached out to her!"

"She took the time to answer all of my business-related questions, freely shared her knowledge and expertise, and also explored new ideas with me. I felt super supported by her. You can tell that she is passionate about lifting up other nutritionists and that she genuinely wants to see every nutritionist succeed and thrive.

Thank you Lynne for your continued guidance and support."

Julie Howe, Registered Holistic Nutritionist