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Client experience first.

The Holistic Nutrition Hub's nutrition assessments, forms, consulting questionnaires, and features were built with one thing in mind: Simplicity of use.

Easy to fill out on mobile, tablet, and desktop, so you can provide your clients with the best user experience possible, no matter what!

"I am SO excited that this hub exists, it has already saved me (and my clients!!) so much time to have the forms online! So easy, user-friendly and intuitive. I'm SO grateful as a fellow practitioner, and impressed with the service and attention to detail Sean and Lynne have displayed! I can't wait to see this thing expand and grow !! Thank you guys!!"

- Maddie Devlin, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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  Client Intake Form

The only online intake form you'll ever need. Send it to your client in seconds to assess their current health concerns, goals, stress levels, nutritional habits and more. Learn more...

  Medical History Form

This simple to use online form will help you gather your client's medical history information, as well as a detailed family history of conditions and diseases. Learn more...

  Informed Consent Agreement

This legally binding document will allow you to start consulting with new clients right away. Your client can safely and easily sign the agreement electronically. Learn more...

  Food & Symptom Journal

Let your client log their food intake and related symptoms anywhere from 1 to 7 days. Enquire about the progress they made that day and what mood they were in. Learn more...

  Body Systems Assessment

This extremely powerful assessment form will break down each one of your client's body systems including digestive, intestinal, glandular, and more. Learn more...

  Nutrient Deficiency Assessment

This user-friendly symptom-based assessment will allow you to determine micronutrient deficiencies across more than 20 vitamines and minerals for your client. Learn more...

 Kitchen Equipment Questionnaire

Use this simple questionnaire to determine what kitchen equipment your client has available before building meal plans and suggesting recipes. Learn more...

 Advanced Form Sender

Send any of the consulting forms above to your client via email in less than 30 seconds. Customize email title, message, and pick your custom email signature. Learn more...

Nutrient Recommendation Tool

This consulting tool will blow your mind. Pick what micronutrient you want to target, and get suggestions for ideal foods, supportive interactions, and depleting foods. Learn more...

Upgrade Your Practice

Take on more clients, save time, and deliver results.

Brand Your Forms

Upload your company banner and business logo to easily personalize, customize, and brand your forms, meal plans and saved recipes.

 Save Results To PDF

Save your client's results to PDF format for easy storage and analysis. Each consulting questionnaire can be saved as a PDF file directly to your computer.

 Security Of Information

Your client's information can not be accessed or modified online. The results go straight to your inbox. Simply follow the security measures as if they were paper forms.

 No More Math

Our forms do that for you! No more time waster adding numbers to find the answers you need, our system does all the heavy lifting for you and delivers clear results.

Save Client Contact Info

Head to your profile page to add your client's contact information. Once saved, you can quickly pick what client to send from a drop-down menu in the form sender.

 Mobile Focused

Forget mobile-friendly: we made our platform and questionnaires Mobile Focused to provide you and your clients the best experience, wherever you are. 

BMR Calculator

This simple BMR Calculator allows you to estimate your client's daily caloric requirements in seconds. Practical information at your fingertips. Learn more...

  Weekly Meal Planner

Generate a branded PDF that lays our your client's meal plan for the week, including what food to prep or pull out of the fridge. Fully customizable. Learn more...

  Recipe Builder

Create your own recipes and generate branded PDF files to save to your computer and send to your clients. Enter ingredients, cooking steps, etc... Learn more...

Recommendation Form

Generate a simple one-page handout for your client outlining what they need to focus on in order to achieve the results they are after. Learn more...

Invoice Generator

Generate a branded PDF invoice in minutes. Include services, products, taxes, discounts, and payment terms. Fully customizable. Learn more...

Upgrade Your Practice

Take on more clients, save time, and deliver results.

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