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Are you ready to scale 📈 your nutrition business with a few clicks of a button?

The Holistic Nutrition Hub has all the features you need to run a Professional Nutrition Coaching Business.

From nutrition assessments to nutrition coaching tools, take a look at the features that make the HUB the best option for managing your Holistic Nutrition Practice.



With our simple-to-use, yet powerful online nutrition consulting forms



Use our nutrition assessment tools, recipe builder, and weekly meal planner



By providing your clients with the outcomes they're looking for and grow your business

Simple. Powerful. Professional

  Client Intake Form

Send this online intake for to your client in seconds. Assess their current health concerns, goals, stress levels, nutritional habits, and more. Learn more...

  Medical History Questionnaire

This online form will help you gather your client's medical history information, as well as family history of conditions and diseases. Learn more...

  Total Body Systems

This extremely powerful assessment tools will assess your client's body systems including digestive, intestinal, glandular, and more. Simple to fill online. Learn more...

  Food & Symptom Journal

Let your client log their food intake and related symptoms anywhere from 1 to 7 days. Enquire about the progress they made that day and what mood they were in. Learn more...

  Nutrient Deficiency Assessment

This user-friendly symptom-based assessment will allow you to determine micronutrient deficiencies across more than 20 vitamines and minerals for your client. Learn more...

Nutrient Recommendation Tool

This consulting tool will blow your mind. Pick what micronutrient you want to target, and get suggestions for ideal foods, supportive interactions, and depleting foods. Learn more...

“I was looking for a user-friendly tool that’s simple and clear to follow along with, for both myself and the client that avoids any questions or guesswork.

The HUB has simplified the entire delivery process between my clients and I. A few clicks of a button, and the entire intake process is taken care of in a matter of seconds.

It really doesn’t get much easier than that.”

Jessica Pecush

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Lynne Faires, RHN

Co-founder of Holistic Nutrition Hub

"The HUB started out as a place where I could help practitioners simplify their practice with our consulting platform...

However, while I was instructing for the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I was asked SO many business questions and this carried over into so much of the work we do at HNH! And now it is so much more than that!"



Upgrade Your Practice

Take on more clients, save time, and deliver results.

So easy, user-friendly, and intuitive.

I am SO excited that the HUB exists, it has already saved me (and my clients!!) so much time to have the forms online! So easy, user-friendly, and intuitive. I'm SO grateful as a fellow practitioner, and impressed with the service and attention to detail Sean and Lynne have displayed! I can't wait to see this thing expand and grow !! Thank you, guys!!

Maddie Devlin

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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Is there a limit to the number of forms that I can send each month?

Nope. Unlike other consulting form providers, we don’t think that you should be charged every time you want to consult with a client. That’s why each month, you get to send and fill out as many form/questionnaires as you want.

Can I save my client’s contact information and brand my forms with my logo?

Yes! The platform allows you to store client contact information and brand all your forms and questionnaires with your company information.

What if my client isn’t tech-savvy?

Here’s how it goes: your client receives your email. They click a link in that email, which opens the online questionnaire. They fill out the questionnaire. Then they press “submit”. Done. It’s that simple. You receive their results directly to your inbox. No client sign-in, sign-ups, or complicated navigation. We’ve taken all the guesswork out of the equation for you.

Can I create my own forms?

You can create 1 unique form of your own or attach 1 PDF questionnaire you have created to your Form Sender tool. That being said,  we’ve done all the hard work for you! Our specialized forms were created BY a holistic nutrition practitioner to make sure that your clients answer all the right questions. All you have to do is take a few seconds to send our online forms directly to your client’s inbox. If you are looking for more specialized forms, you can suggest form ideas through our member support feature.

What is included in the Membership?

As a HUB Member, you get access to all our consulting forms (intakemedicalfood/symptom journalinformed consentkitchen equipment questionnaire), our advanced assessment tools (vitamin & mineral deficiency assessmenttotal body systems assessment), our consulting tools (micronutrient-specific recommendation toolweekly meal plannerrecipe builderinvoice generator) and our business/marketing resources. You can also brand the questionnaires with your company/business logo, save your client’s contact information, and list your profile in our Holistic Nutrition Practitioner Directory.

How do you ensure the privacy of my client’s information online?

We’re never sharing any of your client’s information online since you can’t access or modify your client’s results through the platform. That’s why they are sent directly to your inbox, just as if your client had sent you a fillable PDF or a Word document. On top of this, all actions taken on the website are encrypted to a level secure enough to have payment transactions go through the site. We’re also using additional security software to check for any potential threats or security breaches.

What will happen at the end of the 30-day trial period?

If you do not cancel your HUB  Membership during the 30-day free trial, you will automatically be charged for your first membership payment at the chosen rate (monthly or yearly).

Is there a FREE trial period for the Membership?

Yes, there is. During the 30-day free trial period, you get full access to all the features of the HUB Membership.

If I cancel my Membership after the 30-day trial period, do I get a refund?

Holistic Nutrition Hub does not issue any refunds.

We encourage you to test our system with the free trial to make sure that it fits your expectations. If you do not wish to use our Hub Premium features, or if you think that our system will not help you save valuable time and streamline your consulting work, simply cancel your membership before the end of the 30-day trial period.

Why is the trial period 30 days long? Will I have time to test all the features?

Our system was designed for simplicity of use, both for you and your clients. You will be able to set up your profile, explore the forms, complete the assessments, and use all the tools in less time than it takes to watch a couple of episodes of Game Of Thrones. g

Upgrade Your Practice

Take on more clients, save time, and deliver results.