Advanced Nutrition Form Sender

Have you been looking for a tool that allows you to easily send your nutrition consulting forms and assessment tools to your clientele? Our advanced form sender was made especially for you!

This intuitive form sender enables you to send consulting forms to your clients via email in just a few clicks. It also gives you the freedom to customize the message, footer, and the style of the email. Before sending, you can preview the email to ensure that it looks professional and includes all the information you require.

Once your client receives the forms to their email inbox, they only need one click to then fill out each questionnaire with ease. Once their results are submitted, they are sent back to your email inbox or they can be downloaded in a formatted PDF, saving both you and your client’s hours of time!

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"I've recently just begun using your consulting forms in my practice. I have to say THANK YOU! Your website has made things a lot easier for myself and my clients. Looking forward to see what you guys come up with next!"

-Janette Mason, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Advanced Form Sender Preview

Advanced Form Sender Preview 1

Customize the email for your client

Advanced Form Sender Preview 2

Select the forms/questionnaires before sending

Advanced Form Sender Preview 4

Client email in "Simple Text" style

Advanced Form Sender Preview 3

Client email in "Blue Box" style

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Hub Pro Version

 Send up to 4 consulting forms to a client

 Personalize with client first name

 Edit email title and message

Brand forms with company banner/logo

 Choose client from saved list

 Send advanced consulting forms

 Add custom email footer and style

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Hub Premium Version

 Send up to 8 consulting forms to a client

 Personalize with client first name

 Edit email title and message

Brand forms with company banner/logo

Choose client from saved list

Send advanced consulting forms

Add custom email footer & style

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Other Awesome Features

Medical History Form

This simple to use online form will help you gather your client’s medical history information, as well as a detailed family history of conditions and diseases. Learn more…

Nutrient Recommendation Tool

This consulting tool will blow your mind. Pick what micronutrient you want to target, and get suggestions for ideal foods, supportive interactions, and depleting foods. Learn more...

 Save Results To PDF

Save your client's results to PDF format for easy storage and analysis. Each consulting questionnaire can be saved as a PDF file directly to your computer.

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