Meet The Husband-And-Wife Team Behind Holistic Nutrition Hub

Lynne & Sean

Power Couple Extraordinaire

Working together as a husband and wife team is our secret!

Our complimentary knowledge, expertise, styles, and skills allow us to bring you the best platform to run a successful holistic nutrition business.

Each day, we exchange our ideas, our thoughts, and our hopes about the Hub. We continuously collaborate on every aspect of this project.

Keep reading to learn more about us!

Lynne & Sean - Hub Team

Who Are We?

Lynne Profile Round

Lynne Faires, RHN

Creative Mastermind

Mother of three active boys, wife, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, prepper (not the doomsday kind), and lover of mason jars. I enjoy being outside in the forest, or with my hands in the garden!

When I have free time (lol, free time) I spend it writing, reading and researching all things nutrition.


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Sean Seale, CPT

Practical Nerd

I'm Sean, personal trainer by day and web developer by night. 

I love helping folks get STRONG in the gym (especially women) and spend most of my free time listening to podcasts while folding laundry. I also enjoy learning about all things sports performance, nutrition, SEO, marketing, and other cool techy stuff.

Sean Round Profile

The Story Behind The Hub

Portrait Lynne Faires 1

When I started my nutrition business I already had a certification in Administration and 10 years of administrative work under my belt. Even with that, I struggled to figure out how I was going to run my business efficiently.

My biggest struggle was time: I was wasting so much of it trying to combine paper questionnaires, note apps, generic online forms and creating meal plans from scratch.

I eventually found a system that worked for me, but it was still very inefficient. I kept looking for something better but I couldn't find it anywhere.

The idea of the Hub came to me while sleeping one night in October 2016. I woke up saying: "Sean! I have an idea, and it's genius!"

I had a vision of a user-friendly and practical platform that would save nutrition professionals HOURS of frustration and eliminate all the unnecessary work I was doing.

My main goal when I started my career in the nutrition industry was to help as many people as possible. If the Hub existed, it would support hundreds of nutritionists by allowing them to work more efficiently. Indirectly, I could help thousands of people live healthier lives.

I had found my purpose!

From that point on, it was all I could think about. I set out to find a developer who could help bring this idea into reality."

"I struggled to run my business."

"I was skeptical about the Hub."

To be completely honest, I was very skeptical about the Hub when Lynne brought it up the first time. We were already really busy at the time, and it seemed like something that was completely out of our wheelhouse.

Even after Lynne found a team of developers to help us, it took me some time to wrap my head around the idea. I was probably too focused on what could potentially go wrong, rather than seeing the upsides of working together, especially on a project that Lynne was so passionate about.

While the developers were working on the platform, Lynne and I started building a community on social media around her idea. That's when I fully grasped her vision and realized that this project would actually work. From that point onwards, I was 100% "in". 

Lynne Pic small

About 5 months into building the Hub, we found out that the developers weren't going to deliver on their promises. It was a big disappointment for Sean and I. At the time it seemed like a huge setback.

We had no choice but to part ways with them and take on the technical side ourselves.

Thankfully, there was a silver lining to this story:

While we grew our following on social media (primarily Instagram), Sean had been spending A LOT of time working on a sister project called Holistic Workshops. HW was a community-oriented site which was meant to complement the business-focused consulting platform.

So by the time we took over the technical side of the business platform, Sean was already immersed into all things websites, coding, and design. Starting again from scratch, he was able to truly bring my vision to life, in the form of the Holistic Nutrition Hub that you know today.

"It felt like a huge setback."

"I've been told that I am pretty stubborn."

Portrait Sean Seale 1

I'm thankful that Lynne trusted me with her idea and let me take over the development of the project. It's not every day that you get to collaborate with your life partner on something as powerful and positive as the Hub.

Of course, it's not always smooth sailing...

I've been told that I am pretty stubborn and I like things done my way, but Lynne knows exactly what she wants and definitely knows how to stand her ground. Once in a while, she has to talk me out of things (loudly), until I fully understand her POV.

More times than not, she's right. This seems to be a recurring theme in our relationship! Without her strong opinions and knowledge, the Hub wouldn't be complete!

Welcome To Our Life!


Family Picture

Running three businesses and managing a family of five isn't always easy... Thank god for Google Calendar and school!

In order to make it work, we build our schedule ahead of time, together, and make sure that we each have enough time for our respective jobs.

Amongst all this, we do our best to make time for the kids. Weekly outings include nature walks, trips to pool (fun fact: Lynne hates the pool with a passion!), playing at the park, and Science World. 

Paw Patrol and Luke Skywalker mind the children once in a while mom and dad have important matters to discuss!

At the end of the day, we are grateful to have the chance to do what we love, surrounded by a positive and supportive community.




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