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In this week’s episode, Lynne interviews Stephanie Long about how to conduct successful client sessions.


Stephanie Long is a Business Coach for Nutritionists and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She specializes in helping her clients take the guesswork out of building the foundational steps of their business, so that they feel confident moving forward in their new career. She leads her clients through a step-by-step process of helping them to set up their business basics, get clear on their messaging, develop their unique offerings, and learn how to coach nutrition clients with confidence.

After graduating as a Nutritionist and taking the better part of a year to start her own nutrition practice, Stephanie felt passionate about helping others navigate the start-up process. Her knack for breaking things down led her to become an Instructor of the Fundamentals of Business course at CSNN and start working with Nutritionists through private coaching and business workshops.

After 3 years in private practice as a Nutritionist working with clients one-on-one and through nutrition workshops, she decided to pivot her business to coaching nutritionists full time on how to start their own business.

Stephanie believes passionately that when you set yourself up for success with a step-by-step system, tools that work, and guidance from a coach that’s been through it all too, you can start to create positive momentum in your business.


In this interview, Lynne & Stephanie discuss the following topics:

  • Stephanie’s background as a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner
  • How she started coaching business to Nutrition Professionals
  • Whether or not you should offer services for free when getting started
  • What Stephanie’s Nutrition Business Building Program consists of
  • How being genuine and open can help you create a better relationship with your client
  • How truly finding your niche will take a huge weight off your shoulder
  • How you should prepare for a successful client session
  • and much more…

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes

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Stephanie’s Nutrition Business Building Program

Stephanie’s Private Coaching Program


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