Best Articles and Podcasts For Nutrition Professionals February 2018

Each month, the Holistic Nutrition Hub publishes a list of the top articles and podcasts from around the web in 2 different categories: Business/Marketing and Nutrition/Lifestyle. This list will help nutrition professionals start, run, and grow successful businesses while staying at the forefront of nutrition science, research, and information to help themselves and their clients.


How to Create an Awesome Lead Magnet and Use It To Get More Clients – That Clean Life

How To Build Your Wellness Business When You Have No Time – Krista Goncalves

Grow Organically on Instagram and Beat the Algorithm with Amanda Bucci – Sunny Lenarduzzi

The surprising connection between living a life you LOVE and designing a profitable, sustainable BUSINESS. – Uncomplicate Your Business

3 Surprising Strategies to Increase Sales on Your Next Webinar – Amy Porterfield

Episode 147: Spirituality & Business with Brandon Lucero – Mind Your Business

How to Use Instagram Hashtags for More Exposure – Social Media Examiner



Heavy Metals and Behavioral Disorders in Children – Chris Kresser

Understanding The Autoimmune Spectrum and How to Get Your Life Back – Amy Myers

How Much Wine Should I Drink? – David Perlmutter

Oral contraceptives cause low vitamin B6 and zinc, reduce serotonin levels and increase anxiety – Every Woman Over 29

Tamiflu and Abnormal Behavior – Kelly Brogan

The Most Damaging Food Lie We Have Ever Been Told – Mark Hyman

Macros for Gym Results on Keto – Leanne Vogel


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