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Each month, the Holistic Nutrition Hub publishes a list of the top articles and podcasts from around the web in 2 different categories: Business/Marketing and Nutrition/Lifestyle. This list will help nutrition professionals start, run, and grow successful businesses while staying at the forefront of nutrition science, research, and information to help themselves and their clients.


How to Quit Your Job and Create a Business That Supports the Lifestyle You Actually Want to Live, With James Schramko – Melyssa Griffin

9 Things No One Tells You Before You Start An Online Wellness Business – Krista Goncalves

How To Get Great Testimonials (Without Pressuring or Badgering) – Marketing For Hippies

How to Find Inspiration When You Don’t Know What to Write – The Wellness Business Hub

“I Can’t Afford It.” The Money Lie Your Prospects Are Telling You – Jenny Shih

What Do You Do For Health Insurance When You’re Self-Employed? – Jenna Kutcher

5 Steps to Giving a Free Talk That Gets You Paying Clients – That Clean Life Blog

Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Do What They Know They Need To Do – Jennifer Trask

How to Script YouTube Videos (for HIGH ENGAGEMENT) – Sunny Lenarduzzi

How To Get More Attention On Your Videos – Amy Schmittauer



Dr. Michael Ruscio on Gut Health – David Perlmutter

The Effects of Non-Antibiotic Drugs on the Microbiome – Chris Kresser

5 Rules For Eating Away Your Depression – Kelly Brogan

Keto confusion: When people suck at math. And Thinking. – Robb Wolf

Dairy: Is it good or bad for you? – Precision Nutrition

Justin Rhodes: Grow 75% of Your Own Food In 2 Hours A Day – Evan Brand


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