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“The HUB nutrition forms & assessments have simplified the entire delivery process between my clients and me. With the online nutrition forms & assessments, my entire intake process is taken care of in seconds. A few clicks of a button. It doesn’t get much easier than that.”

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Jessica Pecush

  • Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert & Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™
  • Teaches professional women who suffer from gut issues, including Celiac Disease, Crohn’s Disease, and Ulcerative Colitis, how to take control of their health and reclaim the life they love

“The HUB has simplified the entire delivery process between my clients and me. With the online nutrition forms & assessments, my entire intake process is taken care of in a matter of seconds. A few clicks of a button. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.”

THE CHALLENGE: Automating client intake process to cut administrative tasks

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When holistic nutritionist Jessica Pecush started her online nutrition business, she was determined to create a streamlined onboarding and intake process. She soon realized this was easier said than done. As her nutrition program came to a close,  she came to realize the process she used throughout her program just wasn’t cutting it.

While she started out using paper intake forms, she found the process a little too time-consuming for both herself and her clients — not to mention the forms were often returned illegible or hard to decipher.

“The back and forth between printing, scanning, and filling them out was just a lot harder than it needed to be, plus the wait time to get the forms back was extending longer than it needed to.”

But going digital wasn’t any easier.

“Oftentimes, the digital input would not save properly, and the work would be lost. I just saw this as a potential problem, not only for myself but as an area of confusion and frustration for clients.”

She wanted to make the entire process as streamlined and easy for both herself and her clients as possible while minimizing administrative tasks.

“I was constantly spinning my wheels, having multiple processes happening. It held me back from doing more because I was spending so much time on administrative tasks.”

THE SOLUTION: Holistic Nutrition Hub offers all the nutrition forms & assessments you need!

However, she was set on saving time and creating a professional experience for her clients. Jessica learned about Holistic Nutrition Hub’s online consulting platform shortly after graduation and thought she would follow their advice.

“I really just wanted a user-friendly tool that’s simple and clear to follow along with, for both myself and the client that avoids any questions or guesswork.”

The “HUB” is used by over 1100 members. So what is the “HUB”? Holistic Nutrition Hub is a digital platform for holistic nutrition professionals. The online platform houses many of the fundamental tools, assessments & forms that practitioners use behind the scenes in their business. This incredible platform includes the following forms & assessments:

  • Client intake form
  • Medical history form
  • Informed consent agreement
  • Food and symptom journal
  • Body systems assessment
  • Body-Mind-Spirit assessment
  • Nutrient deficiency assessment
  • Kitchen equipment questionnaire
  • Nutrient recommendation tool
  • BMR Calculator
  • Weekly meal planner
  • Recipe builder
  • Invoice generator
  • Testimonial collector

All of the forms and questionnaires are mobile-friendly and can be accessed from a number of devices, including mobile, tablet, and desktop.

“The whole platform is simple, user-friendly, and affordable, plus the customer service support is great.”

THE RESULT: Client onboarding time slashed by OVER 60%

In addition to eliminating paperwork, minimizing administrative tasks, and increasing productivity, Holistic Nutrition Hub’s platform cut Jessica’s onboarding time by a whopping 60%!

This leveraged her time for marketing herself, creating content, hosting webinars, and other income-generating activities that a business needs to grow over time.

“I was also able to apply {“type”:”block”,”srcClientIds”:[“2c468191-ded8-4fbc-bc78-774d6f7db5a3″],”srcRootClientId”:””}my branding, logo, and email signature easily, which makes the forms look professional and representative of my business.”

When using the Holistic Nutrition Hub, the words simple, streamlined, and powerful take on a whole new meaning.

“It’s just a really well-rounded platform where all the tools you would need for your practice are found in one place. You feel more professional and like you have your act together behind the scenes. I couldn’t be happier.”

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