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In this week’s episode, I interview Maddie Elise about how she uses live events to grow her online nutrition consulting business.


Maddie is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and her passion is to empower creatively driven people to be the architects of their own health. She believes that anyone who depends on their creativity and knowledge to earn a living deserves to feel what a thriving body has to offer. Her programs and coaching combine scientific nutrition practices, intuitive holistic personal growth strategies, and energy awareness to give self driven people the tools they need  for wild vitality.

She is also the founder of Gaia Smiles Remineralizing Tooth Powder, a product designed to replace your toothpaste and bridge the gap between our current understanding of the gut and the treatment of the entrance to it! Fed up with the antibacterial, chemical shit storm oral care products on grocery store shelves and unsatisfied with ‘natural’ versions of these flawed products – Maddie spent years researching and developing Gaia Smiles, a product she feels good about sharing with the people she loves.


In this interview, Maddie and I discuss the following topics:

  • Maddie’s background as a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner
  • How she started promoting her business by doing door-to-door marketing
  • Working for free to help you get your business off the ground
  • How Maddie plans her live workshops & talks
  • Promoting your live event using LIVE Video
  • How to collaborate with other small business by displaying their products during your workshops
  • Why introverts can still succeed doing live workshops
  • and much more…

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes

Sherry Rothwell Business Coaching

Raina Lutz

That Clean Life for meal plans

How to plan a blog post


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