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Believe me when I say this: you’re not the first person to ask this question… Between Lynne and I, “What is Holistic Nutrition Hub?” is something we get asked almost daily. And that’s completely understandable! The project has gone through a lot since it’s beginnings in late 2016, so it’s no wonder that people are a little confused. This blog is my attempt at explaining the short history of the project and where it stands today. I have no doubt that the platform will continue to grow and evolve in the future, but this post should give you a good idea of what’s going on here today.

An early start

One morning in the fall of 2016, Lynne woke up saying “I have a great idea!”.

She had been working hard to get her nutrition consulting business off the ground and this idea would solve a lot of headaches that she had to go through herself. The paper questionnaires that she had received at school were cumbersome to use. Other online form builders were available but were just too broad and general to actually apply to nutrition consulting.

“Let’s create a platform that will bridge this gap”, she said. “We need an online platform where holistic nutrition practitioners can access specialized questionnaires and easily use them with their clients”. The idea that would later become Holistic Nutrition Hub was born.

Bright beginnings

We quickly realized that the technical nature of the project would require a third party to intervene. At that time, neither Lynne nor I had the required knowledge or skills to build such a platform. Lynne had thankfully – or so we thought at the time – just met a web developer at a business networking event. She pitched him the idea and he was extremely excited to help us bring Lynne’s idea to life.

While the web developer and his team started working on the platform, Lynne and I began building a community on InstagramWe started providing free business and marketing resources that were very well received. From there, we created a Facebook Page, a Twitter account, and a Facebook Group to better interact with the practitioners who were interested in what we were doing.

Everything was looking really good at this point.

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Troubled waters

Unfortunately for us, the web developer we had teamed up with was unable to deliver on his promise. Nearly 2 months after the launch date he had initially set for the project, he was nowhere close to being done. On top of this, he was asking us for more money than we had agreed to invest initially. This forced us to part ways with him and his team.

 The silver lining

Fortunately for us, it wasn’t all bad news. While the developing team was supposed to be finishing the platform, I had gotten my hands on a blank website that we had called Holistic Workshops. This website was Lynne’s personal site. But instead of making it about her and her services, she decided to do something bigger.

“Let’s make it a gathering point for the holistic nutrition professionals and the public”, she said.

Over the following 2 months, I spent many hours each day learning about web design and working on this side project. These hundreds of hours spent playing around with Holistic Workshops allowed me to create a site that included an event calendar and a community blog.

Moving forward

We needed a fresh start after the initial consulting platform project got shut down. We decided to combine both projects into one, creating a gathering hub for all holistic nutrition practitioners, students, and enthusiasts.

Holistic Nutrition Hub was born.

What is Holistic Nutrition Hub?

Now that you know how Holistic Nutrition Hub came to life, it’s time for me to explain what it is today. Lynne and I are excited to move forward with this project and continue to grow something that will benefit everyone in the industry.


A blog around business, marketing, and nutrition

Because holistic nutrition has many facets, we created a community blog written by many different nutrition professionals. With this gathering of authors, we provide the public with a variety of points of view. The main categories of content published on the blog cover nutrition topics, lifestyle advice, and information regarding the education process to become a holistic nutritionist.


A platform that benefits and empowers practitioners

Alongside the public section of the website described above, Holistic Nutrition Hub hosts a membership platform created for holistic nutrition students and professionals. As a member, you will have access to the features outlined below.

Consulting forms/questionnaires

First, we created easy-to-use consulting forms that you can email to your clients, fill out in person or print out. The interface is simple and intuitive which guarantees your clients the best experience possible when answering the questionnaires. The results are then sent directly to your inbox and can be saved as PDF document with one click.

The free membership will provide a handful of useful forms with some of the functionalities listed above. The paid membership (not available yet) will give you access to dozens of specialized consulting forms. In addition to that, you will be able to save your client’s contact information for even faster use.

Useful tools & calculators

Whether you need BMR calculator, a calorie requirement chart or a macro breakdown for your client, we have you covered. And for paid members, the tool section will also include a feature to save notes. This can be used to save draft articles or take notes on the resources available on the site (see below).

Business & marketing resources

In this section, you can download checklists, watch videos and read articles. You will learn all about business, websites, marketing, and nutrition consulting. This will help you create and grow your nutrition business in the best way possible. All the resources are accessible to free and paid members alike.


In the future, the membership platform will also include business, marketing or coaching courses created by other professionals in the field.

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Sean is the co-founder of the Hub, a dedicated Personal Trainer and an Entrepreneur at heart. Passionate about all thing nutrition and fitness, he takes care of the HNH website, the community, and most of the laundry around the house. In his spare time, Sean loves building websites and writing about all things fitness, business, and marketing.

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